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The College Hill neighborhood has a strong sense of community, and is home to many traditions and annual events.

This well attended December event is open to all residents and non-residents of College Hill. The thirty minute, heated, motor trolley tour involves a nighttime view of the famous College Hill Christmas lights and an interesting dialog by College Hill residents during the ride. Cookies and warm traditional drinks are usually available for everyone's enjoyment and sometimes even Santa shows up. The cost may vary, but it is usually about $6 per person and free for children less than four years of age. The Holiday Lights Trolley Tour always sells out, so it is a good idea to buy your tickets early.

The tour occurs in June of each year and involves numerous gardens at the homes of College Hill residents that have been made available for public viewing. The event is well attended and requires a $5 ticket for the entire tour that may be purchased at any of the tables at the entrance of each garden location. Signs lead interested persons to one of the gardens and map locations and information about all gardens are available with the purchase of each ticket. This is a pleasant walking tour or all gardens can be driven to. The tour generally combines dialog relating to the numerous architectural features of College Hill homes, sculpture, streetscapes and landscaping. Recently, a walking tour of College Hill Park, highlighting the many botanical aspects of the Park, has been made part of the tour. The event can take as little as one hour or as much as four, depending on one's pace and interest.

Children from College Hill are invited each year to find Easter Eggs and candy that the Easter Bunny, who is there also, has "hidden" in the grass of College Hill Park. The Bunny leads all children on a parade that is a lot of fun for the kids and their families. This event generally lasts for about an hour in the afternoon and there is no charge.

This event occurs annually in late July or early August and provides all residents of College Hill a welcome relief from the hot summer melancholy. There is a historic baseball exhibition, a visit by the Wichita Police and Fire Department allowing children and adults to ask questions and see special emergency equipment and sometimes the City will have the Police helicopter land in the Park for everyone's amazement. People picnic, drink pop and have a great time being together. Burgers, hot dogs and other treats are provided by the neighborhood Association. There is no charge for this event.

This annual event is put on by the Douglas Design group each year in May. Bicyclists are encouraged to attend the ride and the many events located at various points on Douglas Avenue between Oliver Street and Old Town. Even if you don't ride a bicycle, you will enjoy the festivities. There is no charge for this event.

Every dog has its day and in late August or early September of each year, prior to emptying and cleaning the pool, dogs are invited to swim and otherwise have a great time in the College Hill Swimming Pool which has closed for the season. This is also a fine time to bring the entire family and picnic in the west portion of College Hill Park. This is always a NO chlorine environment for the safety of the dogs. Also, please be aware of a minimum $10 donation admission that benefits the Kansas Humane Society and make sure your dog is on a leash.

The Great College Hill Residential District has many traditions and events that are not official College Hill Neighborhood Association activities, but are fun, enjoyable and part of the culture of the area. Halloween Street, the St. James Oyster Feed, the Victory in the Valley Garage Sale, shopping along Douglas, playing tennis in College Hill Park, walking through the residential neighborhood, listening to jazz in Clifton Square, safely biking on the residential streets of College Hill, watching a stage play at Crown Uptown Theatre and eating at the many home owned and operated restaurants are a few of these traditions. Have fun.

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